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  • BondPrep 4298 adhesion promoter
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4298 and 4298UV Adhesion Promoter is used for most low surface energy plastics commonly found in the automotive industry.
Plastics such as polypropylene, polycarbonate, polycarbonate blends, and thermoplastics all respond very well to bonding when primed with 4298. Especially effective when used with acrylic tapes.
  • Especially effective when used with acrylic tapes
  • Substantially effective with many types of plastics and rubbers
  • Available in a variety of packaging configurations
  • Smaller prepackaged applicators for ease of use and precise application
  • Requires hazardous materials shipping charge in large quantities and air shipments
  • 4298UV includes an added UV tracer dye to be seen under blacklight for quality control purposes.
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