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  • Sulzer Mixpac Dispensers
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Adhesive Bonding Technologies offers the full line of Sulzer Mixpac™, Statomix®, Quadro®, and ConProtec® dispensing guns, static mixers, cartridge systems and accessories. Used to apply an immensely wide range of two part adhesives and epoxies with unmatched precision and control.
The Dispensers come in a selection of sizes and operation types. From 50ml manual operation to 400ml pneumatic operated dispensers there is a size to fit any operations need. Using the Sulzer Mixpac™ cartridge systems, numerous static mixers and accessories Adhesive Bonding Technologies will get you a system that operates to its maximum potential and you can rely on.
The Sulzer Mixpac™ dispensing systems will change the way your process operates. No more worrying about improper ratios or partial mixing from hand mixing and measuring. Disposable designed cartridges and mixers allow the dispensing systems to be a mess free process saving clean up time.
Advantages of the Sulzer Mixpac™ Dispensing system offered by Adhesive Bonding Technologies.
  • Light weight hand held design 
  • Manual and Pneumatic operation choices
  • Allows the user to be very precise with the bead placement
  • Works well with two part epoxies, urethanes, silicones, and acrylics
  • Fast and easy design with minimal wasting or mess

Adhesive Bonding Technologies also offers custom packing and labeling of cartridge systems and custom formulated adhesives to meet your most demanding needs, contact us today.
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