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  • Sulzer Mixpac 75ml A system
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The Sulzer Mixpac™ A-75 system is a small, handheld, and light weight dispenser for 50ml cartridges. The 75ml A system dispenser is manually powered and easily changes cartridges out in seconds. Using static mixers on the cartridge this system eliminates the need to mix or weigh the two-part adhesive or epoxy for your process.
Adhesive Bonding Technologies offers all the Sulzer Mixpac™ 75ml A system products you need. With the experience to point you in the right direction.
  • Light weight handheld design
  • manual operation
  • Comes with a 1:1 ratio plunger
  • For use with MAH and MAHX (MA and MX) static mixers 
  • Allows user to be very precise with bead placement
Adhesive Bonding Technologies also offers custom packing and labeling of cartridge systems and custom formulated adhesives to meet your most demanding needs, contact us today.
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